Статусы про маленьких детей девочек

Muslims Killed Every Day By ZionistBouthist Christians And Chiaa. Can You Tell Me Why?! Coz Islam Is The True Religion? Coz You Dont Find Any Flaw In Islam You Make The Terrorism In The Name Of Islam And You Come Like A Super Hero in The Cover Of Статусы про маленьких детей девочек To Eliminat It. Any Terrorism You Are Talking About? First Don't Blame Islam. If i made a mistake blame me, not my religion. Islam is perfect but I'm not! So When We Defend Our Self We Called By Terrorist. You Made The Terrorism And You Occupate Our Country To Theft our Статусы про маленьких детей девочек Under The Cover Of Counter-terrorism You Kill Our ChildsBrothers Fauthers And Mothers And You Call Me Terrorist. After All What You Do Against me And Against Our MessagerOur Religions Our Family Our Country Our Wealth What You want Me To be?? What You Want me to Do When You Ripe My Sister And My Country?? You Want Me To Talk About The Tolirence OF Islam? I Will Never Do That And I will Defend My FamilyCountry ,Brothers and Sisters Till I Die And I Dont Give A Fuck If You CAll Me Terrorist I Dont Fear The Death You Know Why?? Coz If The Death Can Be A Women Am The First Man Who Will marry Her. We are TUNISIAN FALLAGA TEAM we are tunisian cyber resistance Respect ExistanceOr Expect Resistance Fallaga TeamWe Are Muslims We Love Peace But If You Provoke Us Be Ready To our Reaction. We Hack For Reason We Have A Message To Deliver. We Are Here To Support the Human Rights And To Defand Islam, Muslims and All oppressed Every Where. When You Can Catch A ShadowСтатусы про маленьких детей девочек Will Catch Us Fallaga Not ISIS and ISLAM Not ISIS All Those Crime is Against Muslims You Can Google статусы про маленьких детей девочек Muslims Of Palestine Muslims Of Burma Muslims Of Kashmir Muslims Of Chechenya Muslims Of Afghanistan Muslims Of Syria Muslims Of Iraq Muslims Of Nigeria Muslims Of Mali Muslims Of Center Africa Muslims Of Niger Muslims Of Soumali Статусы про маленьких детей девочек Of Philipine and indonisia Muslims In Guntanamo CUBA Muslims In Abu Gharib NEw York Danmark burn our holy quran and In your Country They Do like This with their childs In our Countrys They Do like This This Is The Weapons of mass destruction That You Come For To IRAQ??? Surah Naml from Holy Quran just Listen And Read it. IS Really The Islam True Religion? Статусы про маленьких детей девочек and tell me. This video does not broadcast on your channels. Jesus and Muhammad peace be epon them both why you will love islam?

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